ROAR Strategy

Our Roadmap for Transformational Growth

In late 2006, our management team introduced a new strategy to CMS: ROAR, which stands for Restructure, Organise, Advance and Roar Ahead. This four-step ROAR strategy defined the management team’s first milestones and timelines to turn CMS into a high-performing company. Positive steps were taken to align our core businesses, strategies, structures, systems, skills and values to establish a clear direction forward for CMS for the period 2006-2008.

The Overall Objective of the ROAR Strategy is to align our CMS businesses in terms of :

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Systems
  • Skills
  • Culture
ROAR Strategy V.1

The ROAR strategy brought new momentum to CMS. This new momentum revitalised CMS and as the Group began to focus on its core competencies in Sarawak and Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE), our results began to improve and rest more securely on sustainable business growth. Building on the success of the original ROAR strategy, ROAR V.2 was launched in 2012. This new strategy lays out a fresh set of challenging milestones and timelines for CMS to advance to even greater heights for the period up to 2016.

ROAR Strategy V.2

CMS's timelines for the milestones driving us
upwards in our next era of dynamic growth

CMS is still at an early stage in terms of realising even its currently visible potential as it moves into a new era of transformational growth. This growth will come from CMS' new energy-intensive industrial investments in SCORE which are now coming on stream with additional phases already being planned. It will come also from CMS' present core business which have been fully equipped to participate in the infrastructure and services that will be required as the State develops. Both these growth components will be supplemented by additional business investments that have been or will be identified and which will be taken up in the future using CMS' strong balance sheet, competent workforce and experience management.