4 Sept 2006 - 31 Dec 2006 Mission, Core Values & Strategic Objectives defined Business Alignment steps agreed & started Divestiture strategy in place Internal systems upgraded Transparent Performance Contracts introduced Medium term financial position secure
1 Jan 2007 - 30 June 2007
Performance Contracts implemented & being refined Increased profit margins Reduced overheads Re-engineered business processes
Business alignment achieved Divestitures finalised 3-year Business Plan drawn up Business risk procedures in place Community engagement with Sarawak starts
1 July 2007 - 31 Dec 2007
Acquisitions & investments commence in core Strategic Business Units Divestitures completed & monies received 75% of targeted Gross Profit margins happening 'On spec, On time' reputation emerges Order books expanded by 30%, largely in Sarawak
Payout to staff for Performance Contracts makes very positive impact on staff morale 3rd parties seek out our CMS as a business of choice Succession planning at key management positions put into place
1 Jan 2008 - 31 Dec 2008
Expansion out of Sarawak commenced in core Strategic Business Unit (Division) areas Based on our proven track record to deliver on time, to price & on spec, a new energy to grow the business emerges across the Group
Research & Development efforts by our CMS leads to new related products/ processes Value is unlocked from our CMS shares by listings of one or more Strategic Business Units/companies Senior management succession planning in place
New Vision & Mission New Group Corporate Structure Senior Management changes - Cement, Construction Materials & Property Development Investor Relations (IR) Programme started Internal Policy manuals updated
CMS I-Systems closed down Sarawak Aluminium Company JV ended & new (SCORE) projects explored CMS Roads re-integrated & Division restructured Clinker Plant upgraded
Kenanga acquired ECM Libra & ING Funds KKB Engineering Berhad finalised Petronas fabrication licence OM Smelter Joint Venture & Power Purchase Agreement signed
2013 - 2014
Introduce new Risk/Business Continuity Plan assessment tools/processes Next batch of Management Trainees hired In-house training capability enhanced & senior management attend management school Work-Life Balance Programme launched IR road shows with improved sustainability reporting/compliance
Commit to new Cement Grinding Plant, Silos, Jetty Improvements Sign up/start Property Development catalyst projects or sales Finalise Samalaju development plans & commence works Acquire additional land parcels for future development Acquire additional plant/machinery to meet demand changes Road Concession Renewal Strategies developed
OM Smelter - Financial Close & Construction start Kenanga - Integration of two (2) acquisitions, cost-cutting measures & business building KKB Engineering Berhad - starts Petronas fabrication work Malaysian Phosphate - decision to proceed or not & if not to identify an alternative
2014 - 2015
Clinker Plant cost savings improve Profit Before Tax Property Development project sales revenues/ profits start flowing in Construction Division to have at least RM500m non-roads order books Samalaju starts sales of its properties
OM Smelter – being commissioned Kenanga – with lowered costs & bigger market shares sustainable profits grow KKB Engineering Berhad – growing profitability from Petronas & water pipe contracts Malaysian Phosphate – Financial close & construction start
2016 +
New Cement plant commissioned & cement demand rises from new dams and exports Property & Samalaju Development revenues & sales accelerate with less support from land sales Construction Materials & Trading to have established its Division's new "Engine(s) of Growth" Construction & Road Maintenance to have its future strategies defined for implementation
OM Smelter - 1st full year of profitable full production Kenanga & KKB Engineering Berhad - Profits floor at new higher levels plus growth potential Malaysian Phosphate – Into commercial production CMS set to be involved in 1 – 2 other major investments