Building on our strong core competencies, CMS’ leaders have identified growth areas to drive the Group’s revenue and profits over the next decade and beyond.

As we venture forth, we will continue to be guided by the principles under our Nine-Point Scorecard that aim to stimulate growth and ensure we turn in a robust performance. These principles call for us to sustain solid and sustainable profits; uphold prudent financial policies to ensure a strong balance sheet; and ensure an experienced and professional management team is steering CMS forward.

We are also tasked to undertake strong corporate governance measures; enhance ties and build respect among the communities that we serve; as well as gain strong support from our shareholders and bankers. Finally, we will set our sights on private sector-driven profitability; leverage on a strong SCORE play; and develop, for future use, an expertise which can take us beyond Sarawak’s shores.

We believe that these principles will guide CMS towards becoming the best proxy listed investments for Sarawak’s accelerating economic growth.